EM²A Partners & Company is the Professional Engineering Group of PGA Technical. It specializes in the design of Industrial Plants, Marine Structures, Soils Reclamation, Development in Marginal Slopes as well as Site Development, Planning & Optimization. It is experienced in the study & solu- tion of problems in Geotechnical emergency, Structural Failures analysis remediation and the util- lization of Marginal Sites for Land Development and Slope Stability Problem.

Scope of Services

Structural Engineering
  • Structural Failure Analysis Design
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Structural Optimization & Value Engineering Services
Geotechnical Engineering
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Ground Instrumentation & Monitoring
  • Soil Reclamation
  • Soft Soil Engineering & Utilization of marginal lands
Civil Design & Site Development
  • Site Development Planning
  • Software Development
Computer Aided Design
  • Software Development
Topographic Design
  • GPS Topographic Survey TRIMBLE RTK Equipment

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Head Office

PGA Technical Center

Address: 85 Kamuning Road Quezon City                          Philippines
Telephone: (+632) 929-3352 to 55
Telephone: (+632) 929-1780
FAX: (+632) 929-3353