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List of Licensed Computer Softwares

FoSSA(2.0) - Is an interactive program for assessing stresses and settlements under embankment. Within the foundation soil, FoSSA calculates the stress distribution under embankment having complex geometry, the elastic (immediate) settlement, the consolidation settlement (including isochrones: excess porewater pressure and settlement during the consolidation process), accelerated consolidation settlement due to PVD’s (triangular and square installation patterns), secondary settlement, and undrained shear strength distribution within consolidating layers. It also has the ability to calculate stresses and settlements under multiple rectangular footings.
RESSA (3.0) - An interactive program used to assess the rotational and translational stability of slopes. It was specially developed to allow for convenient inclusion of horizontally placed reinforcement, thus enabling the design and analysis of mechanically stabilized earth slopes. 
RETAIN PRO 9.0 – Design of retaining walls of nearly any configuration. Types of walls that can be designed or analyzed are: Cantilever, restrained, gravity and segmental retaining walls. Can handle concrete or masonry walls.
UK-DCP (3.1) – A software tool that can be used to analyze and interpret data collected using a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP).

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