Computer Softwares

List of Licensed Computer Softwares

    • Crosshole Seismic and Downhole Seismic system is used for providing information on dynamic soil and rock properties for earthquake design analyses for structures, liquefaction potential studies, site development, and dynamic machine foundation design.  The investigation determines shear and compressional wave depth versus velocity profiles.
    • This is a one-stop solution for site development, civil works, roadway, storm drainage and sanitary design engineering work. It uses advanced DTM capability, associative alignments and user-defined typical sections to create a digital surface, design platforms, cut profiles, perform analysis and generate report on the system. It can design and analyze drainage networks and wastewater systems. This runs on top of Autocad  which serves as the graphics software platform.
PAS – Pavement Analysis Software
  • Based on AASHTO 1993 “Guide for the Design of Pavements” which considers subgrade characteristics and durability requirements and exposures by the American Concrete Pavement Association.


PCA Software
    • Design of various concrete structures.
    • Is a software developed for computing the stability of mechanically stabilized earth using E’GRID Geogrids for both analysis and design purposes.
    •  Software developed for calculating Geotechnical Bored Pile Capacities.
Bentley RAM Advanse V8i
    • RAM Advanse is the structural engineer’s toolkit system, for analysis and design of almost any type of structure or structural component complete with sophisticated design tools.  This program provides unequaled flexibility for the design and analysis of different types of 2D or 3D structures containing linear members and shell elements.
    • Over 50 of the most popular storm water applications in one CD. Hydro-CD provides the user with easy installation of the latest versions of programs from government agencies such as HEC, SCS, EPA, FHWA, UCGS, NWS and more.
    • Hydrologic Analyses Series from Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) US Army Corps of Engineers suite from Dodson Associates.
    • A proprietary water distribution system that can handle unlimited number of nodes as input. This is capable of computing required pipe sizes as well as pressure and discharge distribution for the whole system.
  •  A proprietary software used to compute sewer sizes using closed conduits under gravity flow. Invert elevations and ground covers can be computed given ground elevations and flows at specified nodes of the network.
DRIVEN v. 1.2
    • Is a software developed for calculations of Restrike, Driving, and Ultimate Pile Capacities at predetermined depth intervals. Various water table can be modeled considering the time of sampling, restrike/driving considerations, and ultimate capacity. It can also calculate pile capacities for piles on soft compressible soils considering negative skin friction. Short term (local) and long term (channel degradation and contraction) scour can also be considered. It also support the use of open-end pipe piles for static analyses.
    • Software developed for analysis and design of soil-nailed walls under both static and seismic condition. Various nail lengths and spacing can be modeled and analyzed. Two surcharge loading condition can be modeled along the ground line and below toe search can be initiated for search of deeper failures.
    • An interactive software designed to assist contractors and engineers in selecting the appropriate geogrid product to solve their soft subgrade problems, enhance pavement performance and save time and/or money.  The software incorporates state-of-practice design methodologies validated by nearly thirty years of worldwide performance history to give the user peace of mind.
ICPI Permeable Design Pro Permeable Design Pro characterizes run-on volumes from adjacent area and roofs into PICP with Curve Numbers referencing an extensive library of 24-hour rainfall depths for U.S. and Canadian cities up to 100 year events. The software analyzes infiltration and outflow from the library of rainfall depths, or user-supplied rainfall depths as well as enables modeling of infiltration and outflow from 1 to 7 days inclusive of the design rainfall event. The software also evaluates base/subbase thickness requirements for vehicular applications up to 1 million ESALs (Caltrans TI = 9).

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