Jet Grouting


Jet Grouting can be performed inside tight places for underpinning of existing buildings. Equipment can perform underpinning inside building basements.
Picture shows development of soilcrete even in cohesive soils.
Quality control of jet grouted soilcrete by concrete core extraction. The cores will then be tested in unconfined compression testing apparatus. Average strengths exceed 1000psi in most instances.
Pressure discharge test jetting. Note the high pressure (3000 psi) jet of cement grout which is critical in the adequate development of the jet grouted section. The pressure jet is protected by an outer protective cone of air to prevent pressure loss during injection.
Four of the 12 jetting machines. PGII operates six (6) complete setups of jet grouting equipment.
Underpinning of Tilting Tank Structure Jet Grouting of LRT Pier 161 which has experienced settlement due to Inadequate Bored Pile Length

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