Soil Nailing


PGII pioneered in soil nailing technology. It has a fleet of six (6) Crawler drills capable of installing soil nails, soil and rock anchors, micropiles etc.
Sotcreting of soil nailed wall in Fort Bonifacio Building Development
Shotcrete application for a soil nailing project. Note the extra provision of horizontal rebars for safety and the electro welded wire mesh.. An exclusive PGII feature.
Partially shotcreted soil nail wall showing Electrowelded wire mesh.
Close-up of soil nailing operation using continuous flight augers.
Soil nailing of tunnel excavation using Crawler rig with continuous Flight Auger. PGII exclusively uses auger and air flushing to prevent weakening of the soil/nail interface. Water flushing by competitors reduces friction along the soil nail surface area thus lowering the factor of safety.
Tagaytay Highlands ProjectSoilnailing and Shotcreting to stabilize mountain access road. Remediation of existing excavated slope using Soil Nailing. Ideally, soil nailing is synchronized with excavation. However, in cases where remediation has to be done on existing unstable slopes. PGII can provide steel platforms for this purpose as shown here.
Soil Nailing and Shotcreting of 4 Storey Basement Excavation Soilnailing & Shotcreting of LRT II Katipunan Aurora Tunnel

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