PGA – Earth Structure Solutions, Inc. (PGA – ESS, Inc.), founded in 2004, is a subsidiary of the Philippine GeoAnalytics, Inc. (PGAI) Group of Companies, a group that has always been at the forefront of geotechnology in the Philippines. It was established to address the local industry’s need for cost-effective geosynthetic solutions to common civil engineering problems.

  Our technical staff is composed of the brightest and most dedicated civil engineers with extensive experience and training in the design and construction of geosynthetic systems.

  During its infancy, our company was solely involved in Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) systems. Back then, we provided full engineering design support and installation for MSE Wall retaining structures using E’GRID Geogrids. With the growing experience, confidence and expertise coinciding with the growing market and projects, the management decided to partner with a company that is a forefront in Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD’s) for soft soils and reclaimed land, geotextile tunes and geocontainers for coastal protection and the sale of geotextiles and geocomposite drains.

  Our well-trained engineers use state of the art design software and computational methods to design geosynthetic systems and earth structures as alternatives to reinforced concrete walls, gabion gravity walls, large earth embankments, stone masonry and riprap retaining walls for a more cost-effective and efficient solutions.




We are committed to provide clients with the most cost-effective solutions in design and construction.



PGATECH Center No.85 Kamuning Road Quezon City Philippines