CPT Rig (Pagani)
(Nuclear) Density Testing
The only one in the country, this Electric Cone Pentrometer tester is a self propelled self anchoring CPT/CPTU rig from PAGANI of Italy. CPT/CPTU equip-
ment is an Electric Cone Penerometer capable of Pore Pressure Measurement that is fully computerized. Acquired from AP Van den Berg, this is the latest in CPT Technology.
PGAI is licensed to operate two (2) units of TROXLER model nuclear density gage. Personnel and equipments are approved and certified by PNRI.
Gas Driven Coring Machine
Marshall Asphalt Stability Compaction Test
Coring of Asphalt Pavement. PGAI also has four (4) electric coring machines for coring of concrete structural elements in buildings and other structures. The new TROXLER Model 3440 can automatically monitor density and compaction of asphalt pavement. This can provide very efficient quality control of asphalt pavement.
Field Density Test Apparatus (Sand Cone Method) & Speedy Moisture Tester
Field CBR Test
We also operate nuclear density gages for faster and more efficient density control. We operate two (2) TROXLER model 3440 nuclear density gages.
Field CBR test being performed for existing pavement evaluation NAIA IPT3 airport project


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