Geometrics SMARTSEIS 12 Channel Seiesmograph
The Geometrics Seismograph can be used for both seismic refraction and reflection surveys for shallow
engineering exploration usually to 30 meters.
This versatile 12 Channel Seismograph can also be used for the determination of geologic anomalies and cavities in the subsurface as well as determination of aquifers in conjunction with electrical resisitivity equipment.
GPR MALA Pro Ex Ground Penetrating Radar
Professional Explorer (ProEx) System from MALA is a modular, full-range Ground Penetrating Radar
(GPR) system designed to meet the needs of the advanced professional user. At the heart of the system
is the ProEx Control Unit. GPR offers a practical, reliable and most importantly non-destructive solution for
subsurface geophysical and geotechnical investigations.
OYO McOhm Soil Resistivity Tester
Electrical resistivity is widely used in the conduct of corrosion potential of underlying soils and also for the determination of groundwater table as well as aquifers.
Crosshole/Downhole Seismic >> ASTM D4428/D4428M-07
The Crosshole Seismic (CS) system and method determine shear and compressional wave velocity versus depth profiles. From these measurements,parameters, such as Poisson’s ratios and moduli, can be easily determined. In addition, the material damping can be determined from CS tests. These dynamic soil and rock properties are often utilized for earthquake design analyses necessary for certain structures, liquefaction potential studies, site development, and dynamic machine foundation design. The most complete version of this downhole system, as manufactured by Olson Instruments, is comprised of a borehole source capable of generating shear and compressional waves and a pair of matching three component triaxial geophone receivers. These instruments are lowered to the same depth in boreholes set at ~ 10 ft (3 m) apart in a line. The instruments are coupled to the side of the grouted borehole inclinometer casing, allowing for the detection of shear and compressional waves as they pass between the receivers. 

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