PGA GEOPIER is the exclusive Philippine Licensee and authorized installer of GEOPIER® soil reinforcement system. The innovative GEOPIER ground improvement technology has been used worldwide since 1989. It has been proven to save construction time and cost, while providing a predictably reliable end product. The technology involves ramming aggregates in layers to prestress and prestrain the surrounding soil to mobilize and increase its bearing capacity. The stiffened GEOPIER® elements and the improved matrix soils provide a reinforced composite zone to support the structural loads.


GEOPIER soil reinforcement system,The Rammed Aggregate Pier® and Intermediate Foundation® Systems are used to:

  • Increase soil bearing capacity and support shallow footings on poor, marginal, or fair soils; alternate to deep foundations or massive overexcavation and replacement with short (3-8 meters long) GEOPIER aggregate columns.
  • Support floor slabs over unsuitable soils.
  • Reinforce soft foundation soils for transportation applications - embankment and retaining wall.
  • Stabilize landslides.
  • Support steel storage tanks.
  • Control soil liquefaction.
  • Provide tensile resistance using uplift anchors.


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