1. Failures in Design and Construction and their Investigation - Case Studies
2. The Electric Cone Penetrometer (CPT/CPTU) and its Use in Geotechnical Engineering
3. Earthworks Compaction 101 - What You Don't Know Can Cost You
4. Rehabilitation of a Fire Damaged Building
5. Investigation of Cracking of a Large Area Wear Slab - Lessons Learned
6. "Stronger is Not Necessarily Better" - The Significance of Tests and Properties of Civil
     Engineering Materials
7. Significance of the Ratio of Tensile Strength to Yield Stress (TS/YS) of Reinforcing Bars
8. A Review of the Electrokinetic Process for Soil Remediation
9. Innovative Foundation Solutions Save the Day
10. Settlement of a Light Pier Supported on Large Diameter Bored Piles Remediated by Jet
11. The Cherry Hills Landslide Tragedy
12. ISO 9000 - The Quest for Quality
13. Post Landslide Investigation Procedures - The Cherry Hills Case
14. Pressure Calibration Using Precision Deadweight Piston Calibrators
15. Structural and Functional Distress Due to Slag Expansion
16. Difficult Foundation Problems Solved by Jet Grouting
17. Mechanical Ground Improvement
18. Soil Mechanics Principles Applied to Earthworks
19. Cherry Hills Animation
20. State of Practice in Soil Liquefaction Mitigation
21. The Transverse Dike Spillway No. 3 Failure
22. Expansive Soils Paper
23. Liquefaction Mitigation Using RAP's
24. Fresh & Hardened Concrete
25. Soil Mechanics
26. Significance of Tests on Fresh & Hardened Concrete
27. Geophysical Methods in Civil Engineering
28. Traditional Type 1 Joint in Strutural Steel - A Clear and Present Danger
29. A Clear & Present Danger 2 - The Use of QT or TMT Rebars in Seismic Zone 4
30. Manila Seminar Lecture Foundation 6 May 2010, Pedro Pinto
31. Manila Lecture Landslides Analysis P. Seco e Pinto 6 May 2010
32. Manila ICSMGE Seminar
33. 15th. ASEP Convention - Full Scale Trial Embankmen
34. Slope Stability 2 CAR Presentation
35. Soil Mechanics in Construction Practice
36. Final Paper Palawan Midyear Convention May 5, 2012
37. Calculation of Actual Concrete Shrinkage PCIA Journal Article
38. Space 2014 - The Use of GPR in Civil Engineering
39. Space 2015 - Failure of an Engineered Slope in a Major Hillside Cut
40. 19th IABSE Congress Stockholm, 21-23 September 2016
41. SPACE 2016 - The Structure and Strength of Thin Shell Domes
42.SPACE 2017 - The Qualified Use of QT TMT Rebars in the NSCP & Why this is necessary


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