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PGATECH engineers exact, effective, and efficient ground and land solutions that will empower Legacy Builders to be true to their mission.

Accuracy of tests and adherence to standards

Services and solutions delivered based on clients’ needs and requirements

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Our Services

We are proud to make a significant contribution to the development and growth of the construction industry in the Philippines.

Ground Improvement

Optimizes the benefit-cost ratio demands more flexible engineering solutions that address geotechnical issues at their core.

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Advanced Geosynthetics

Manufactured materials in the field of construction and civil engineering that are used to improve various hydraulic and geotechnical applications.

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Other Innovative Solutions

Creating solutions for any site conditions

Construction Materials Testing & QA/QC Services

A crucial process to ensure safety, quality and durability of materials.

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Slope Protection And Retaining Structures

The implementation of different engineering methods to control and stabilize both natural and man-made slopes.

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Soil Investigation & Geophysical Testing

Deals with soil, rock, and underground water, and their relation to the design, construction, and operation of engineering projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not familiar with geotechnical solutions? Check the commonly asked questions on the right and you might find what you’re looking for.

If you need more specific information, send us an inquiry and let’s get started.

What information should I provide to get a quotation for a specific geotechnical solution?

Various information is needed to produce a sound geotechnical solution for each project. For starters, the project brief, site development plan, and geotechnical investigation report should be available to determine the additional information required for your project.

How long does it take to get a proposal or quotation?

Depending on the complexity and the requirements of a project, a preliminary proposal can be prepared starting from 10 working upon receipt of the required information for the analysis and design.

Is a site visit necessary before preparing a quotation?

Preferably, yes. A site visit can clarify several concerns and optimize the design solution for a project.

Can several geotechnical solutions be combined to produce a geotechnical engineering solution?

Yes! PGATech specializes in combining several geotechnical engineering technologies to address all the concerns of your project. Moreover, we can provide several options to work around various constraints unique to your situation.

Can your solutions serve as alternative to coventional structural foundation systems?

Depending on the subsurface, structural requirements, and other construction limitations, our solutions can definitely serve as alternatives. In fact, our solutions can provide significant savings in terms of cost and time in most cases.