Slope stabilization techniques used to reinforce and support cut slopes, excavations, and retaining walls.

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Ensuring infrastructure and public safety by stabilizing slopes through proven geotechnical expertise and consistency in quality of engineering and workmanship since 1991.

Adaptable to Slope Geometry

Soil nailing can be adapted to various slope geometries, including steep slopes and variable inclinations, making it suitable for projects with complex terrain.


Soil nailing is often more cost-effective compared to traditional stabilization methods, as it requires fewer materials and less excavation, which leads to reduced construction costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Soil nailing typically involves less excavation and disturbance to the natural landscape than conventional stabilization methods.

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There are so many reasons why PGATech should be your partner in your slope protection needs:

Enhance Safety and Stability

Our slope protection services significantly improves the safety and stability of slopes, reducing the risk of landslides and soil erosion. By reinforcing slopes, we help prevent potential hazards that could endanger lives and properties.

Protection of Infrastructure

Slope protection extends the life of adjacent infrastructure, such as roads and buildings. It protect structures from damage, ensuring their durability and functionality overtime.

Environmental Conservation

We offer slope protection with natural vegetation, it promotes environmental conservation by preventing soil erosion and vegetation growth. By using plants, it maintain ecological balance and support biodiversity.

Cost Savings

Investing in slope protection can lead to substantial cost savings by avoiding expensive repairs and reconstruction caused by slope failure. Proactive slope stabilization minimizes maintenance costs and reduces the need for emergency interventions.

Slope Protection Solutions

Design and Construction Services

Erosion Control

Involves the implementation of diverse techniques and measures aimed at mitigating or lessening soil erosion and sediment loss resulting from natural processes such as wind, water, or human activities.

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

A gravity type retaining wall composed of alternating compacted fill and reinforcement attached to a facing that prevents erosion. Its stability mechanism relies on the interaction (friction and tensile forces) between the fill and the reinforcement, and it provides better aesthetics and
performance under seismic loadings than RC retaining walls.