SOIl Nailing

Ground stabilization technique used to reinforce and support soil slopes, excavations, and retaining walls

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Completed Projects

Reduced Environmental Impact

Soil nailing typically involves less excavation and disturbance to the natural landscape than alternative stabilization methods.


Soil nailing is often more cost-effective compared to traditional stabilization methods, as it requires fewer materials and less excavation, which leads to reduced construction costs.

Adaptable to Slope Geometry

Soil nailing can be adapted to various slope geometries, including steep slopes and variable inclinations, making it suitable for projects with complex terrain.

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With years of experience in the geotechnical engineering industry, we have successfully completed a wide range of soil-nailing projects.


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Slope Protection Solutions

Design and Construction Services

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

A gravity type retaining wall composed of alternating compacted fill and reinforcement attached to a facing that prevents erosion. Its stability mechanism relies on the interaction (friction and tensile forces) between the fill and the reinforcement, and it provides better aesthetics and
performance under seismic loadings than RC retaining walls.

Tie-back MSE

Help control and support slopes or soil on inclines. This technology combines soil reinforcement and a facing system to provide support.


Shotcrete is a method used to apply concrete or mortar at relatively high speeds onto a surface that unifies with the surface forming a stable, durable, and continuous layer.

Erosion Control

Involves the implementation of diverse techniques and measures aimed at mitigating or lessening soil erosion and sediment loss resulting from natural processes such as wind, water, or human activities.