SPECIALIZED Geosynthetics

Geoconstruction materials manufactured for specific applications ranging from reinforcement, drainage, separation, and others, are available for road construction, earth retaining walls, coastal protection, and other civil works.

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PGATECH specialized geosynthetics’ versatility provide diverse applications in civil engineering and environmental protection through various functions.

Completed Projects Nationwide


PGATECH specialized geosynthetics reinforce soil structures by improving the tensile strength of the soil, thereby allowing the soils to withstand higher loads, and reducing settlement.


PGATECH specialized geosynthetics prevent mixing and infiltration of different soil types, thus maintaining the functionality and ensuring the long-term performance of the soil structure.

Filtration & Drainage

PGATECH specialized geosynthetics work together to prevent clogging of drainage systems and facilitate the removal of water from soil structures and slopes, thereby enhancing the drainage capacity of the soils, reducing porewater pressure buildup, and helping maintain stability of the slopes.

Scour Protection & Erosion Control

PGATECH specialized geosynthetics can be used to protect embankments, shorelines, and steep slopes from erosion by reinforcing the surface and controlling sediment movement.

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There are so many reasons why PGATECH should be your partner in your geosynthetic needs:

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Geosynthetics can withstand significant stress and strain, making them highly durable.


Geosynthetics is recyclable thus reducing environmental footprint. It also supports ecological conservation and sustainable development.


Use of geosynthetics reduce the need for traditional construction resources and extensive groundwork that translate to cutting down on labor and materials expenses.

Versatility and Adaptability

Geosynthetics can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different projects. It is suitable for a wide range of applications from road construction to slope and coastal protection.

Featured Project

Slope and River Protection Work Using Concrete Canvas and E’GRID Polymer Gabions

The abutment of a bridge in a subdivision in Southern Luzon was damaged caused by the scouring at the toe of the slope by the rapid current of the river during heavy rains. The slope was remediated with deformed rebars acting as reinforcements and was covered with Concrete Canvas as facing to have an impermeable finish. Moreover, polymer gabions and training groynes using E’GRID biaxial geogrids were installed at the toe of the slope to protect it from further scouring and dissipate the currents of the river.

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Geosynthetics Solutions

Design and Installation Services

Concrete Canvas®

A flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer, thus allowing concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment.


A high-performance stone filled net providing permanent, flexible and ecologically sensitive protection against scouring and soil erosion within waterbodies and landscaping projects.

PGATECH Engineering Fabrics

 Fabrics manufactured from synthetic fibers such as polyester.  These fabrics are made to be permeable in order to provide filtration, separation, reinforcement and drainage in various soil profiles.

E'GRID® Geosynthetics

A high-tensile strength material made of polypropylene with optimized geometry of nodes and ribs, and a high level resistance to Ultra-violet light. It increases the shear resistance within a soil by a process of interlocking between square ribs and the soil, thus reduces differential settlement through the improvement of load distribution in the area.

Specialized Geosynthetics

  • Specialized drainage systems that integrate geotextile and drainage core materials into a single product. These drains are engineered to effectively extract excess water or fluids from the soil or structure, ensuring efficient drainage and preventing potential damage caused by water accumulation.
  • Impermeable synthetic membranes used for containment. These geosynthetics are made from materials such as high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyvinyl chloride. This type of geosynthetics is mostly used for landfill lining, pond lining and water reservoirs.