Coastal protection

Safeguarding coastal areas from natural forces

We are committed to provide clients with the most cost-effective solutions in design and construction.

Completed Projects


Vertical structures built along the shoreline to absorb wave energy and protect against erosion


Sloping structures made of concrete, rock, or other materials that dissipate wave energy and prevent erosion


Offshore barriers designed to reduce wave energy and protect the coast from storm surges

Groynes or Jetties

Structures built perpendicular to the shoreline to trap sediment and prevent its movement along the coast

How can we help you?

There are so many reasons why PGATech should be your partner in implementing coastal protection measures:

Specialized Expertise

PGATech’s team comprises seasoned professionals who understand the complexities associated with protecting coastal environments.

Innovative Solution

Our commitment to innovation ensures that your project will benefit from the latest technological advancements in coastal protection.

Environmental Sustainability

Our eco-friendly solutions ensure that we have minimal impact on local ecosystems surrounding the coastal areas.

Collaborative Approach

Our team works closely with project stakeholders to ensure that the project aligns with the goals and expectations.