Coastal & RIVER protection

Engineered geosynthetic solutions that protect coastal areas from natural forces and effects of climate change while preserving and restoring the health of river ecosystems.

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Bespoke solutions using custom-made geosynthetics for the mitigation of risks associated with natural hazards such as erosion, flooding, and storm surges brought about by climate change.

Seawalls, revetments, and breakwaters

Structures built along or away from the shoreline to absorb wave energy and protect against erosion.

As an alternative to armor rocks

Offshore barriers designed to reduce strong tidal waves and protect the coast from storm surges.

River training groynes

Structures built perpendicular to river bends to trap sediment, reduce river currents, and prevent scouring and erosion.

Bank Grading

Involves adjusting the slope of riverbanks to a more gradual angle which reduces erosion and promotes the stability of riverbanks.

Creek and River Lining

PGATECH’s Concrete Canvas® provide a robust defense against soil loss, delivering long-lasting protection while seamlessly integrating into the natural landscape.

How can we help you?

There are so many reasons why PGATech should be your partner in implementing coastal and river protection measures:

Environmental Conservation

PGATECH offers a variety of solutions to prevent erosion, manage flood risk and protection of natural habitats that contribute to biodiversity and overall environmental health.

Sustainable Development

Our solutions for River and Coastal Protection support sustainable development by balancing the human needs and environmental preservation. Ensuring that the land and water resources do not deplete or degrade for the use of future generations.

Economic Benefits

PGATECH strategies for river and coastal protection can save communities and government significant amounts of money. It can also boost local economies through tourism, fisheries and recreations.

Safety and Resilience

Protection of rivers and coastal enhances the safety of nearby communities by mitigating the impact of natural disasters such as storms and heavy rainfall. We also have products that can help with immediate response from adverse events.

Featured Project

Slope and River Protection Work Using Concrete Canvas and E’GRID Polymer Gabions

The abutment of a bridge in a subdivision in Southern Luzon was damaged caused by the scouring at the toe of the slope by the rapid current of the river during heavy rains. The slope was remediated with deformed rebars acting as reinforcements and was covered with Concrete Canvas as facing to have an impermeable finish. Moreover, polymer gabions and training groynes using E’GRID biaxial geogrids were installed at the toe of the slope to protect it from further scouring and dissipate the currents of the river

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