Ground Improvement

Intermediate and cost-effective solutions for when traditional foundations are not suitable or too costly, these techniques have been applied successfully across the Philippines in different types of construction projects.

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PGATECH offers a variety of Ground Improvement Solutions. With more than 20 years of experience and 100+ Projects undertaken; we can definitely provide solutions to whatever challenges in Construction when it comes to Ground Improvement.

Completed Projects Nationwide


The Geopier System generates no spoils, and unlike deep foundations, the Geopiers do not need to extend completely through soft layers.


The system’s unique installation process pre-stresses and pre-strains the adjacent matrix soils resulting to lateral pressure increase along shafts thus, increases the pier elements frictional shear resistance.

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There are so many reasons why PGATech should be your solutions provider in your ground improvement needs:

Enhanced Safety

By mitigating risks associated with ground instability like soil liquefaction and such, PGATECH’s Ground Improvement Solutions contribute to the overall safety and longevity of the projects, protecting both assets and human lives.

Cost Savings

Utilizing our ground improvement solutions can result in substantial cost savings for your projects. By strengthening the existing soil, we minimize the need for expensive deep foundation systems or extensive soil replacement. This efficient approach not only lowers initial construction costs but also reduces long-term maintenance expenses, making your project more economical.

Environmental Sustainability

Our ground improvement services are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. By enhancing soil properties in situ, we reduce the need for extensive excavation and transportation of materials, thereby lowering the environmental impact.

Project Versatility and Customization

We offer a wide range of ground improvement solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. Whether it’s soil compaction, grouting, soil stabilization, or other advanced techniques, our team of experts can customize the approach to address unique site conditions and project requirements. This versatility ensures that we can effectively tackle diverse ground challenges, delivering optimal results for every project.

Ground Improvement Solutions

Design and Build Services

Ceteau® Prefabricated Vertical Drains

Artificially created drainage paths which are installed to accomplish the following objectives: (1) to accelerate the consolidation process by facilitating the rapid drainage of water in saturated compressible soils, and (2) to expedite
strength to improve the stability of embankments built on weak clay subsoil.

Geopier® RAP System

Used worldwide as an alternative to deep foundation piles.
The RAP technology involves the installation of columnar elements into weak ground by ramming aggregates in layers to pre-stress and pre-strain the surrounding soil to mobilize and increase its bearing capacity and reduce its

JSP Jet Grouting System

A highly specialized and developed procedure that has been widely used due to its rapid and easy-installation process, load carrying capability, and applicability to a diverge range of soil conditions.