River protection

Engineered solutions aimed at preserving and restoring the health of river ecosystems

We are committed to provide clients with the most cost-effective solutions in design and construction.

Completed Projects

Retaining Walls

PGATech specializes in designing and constructing retaining walls crafted from a variety of materials such as concrete, rocks, or gabions. These structures offer robust stability, preventing soil collapse and erosion.

Silt Fences

PGATech employs silt fences and erosion control blankets to strategically retain soil and prevent sediment from entering the river.

Bank Grading

PGATech’s bank grading services involve adjusting the slope of riverbanks to a more gradual angle, which reduces erosion and promotes the stability of riverbanks.

Gabion Baskets

Committed to providing eco-friendly solutions, PGATech uses wire mesh baskets filled with rocks or stones not only to provide structural stability but also to support the growth of vegetation.

Concrete Mats

PGATech’s concrete mats provide a robust defense against soil loss, delivering long-lasting protection while seamlessly integrating into the natural landscape.

How can we help you?

There are so many reasons why PGATech should be your partner in river protection initiatives:

Specialized Engineering Excellence

PGATech comprises seasoned engineers with a track record of successfully executing river protection measures.

Innovative Approach

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to develop river protection solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable.

Tailored Solutions

We understand the importance of customized solutions for river protection projects which is why we conduct thorough site assessments and closely collaborate with our clients to strategically develop specific solutions.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We adhere to the highest environmental standards to ensure a lasting positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem.